A Few Reminders About Transcriber

Daily Genealogy Transcriber is intended to be a fun quick diversion to squeeze in between your other genealogical activities. Here’s a few reminders:

  • Many of the items posted are signatures. Because of that there’s not always other handwriting that can be used to compare. Sometimes I also think it’s instructive to look at just one piece–partially to help see how things can get transcribed incorrectly. I know that when there’s more handwriting it is helpful to view the item in context–that is important. When there’s more we may sometimes post it.
  • Daily Genealogy Transcriber is sponsored by Casefile CluesThat’s my how-to newsletter delivered weekly as PDF file. We discuss methods, sources, and analysis there in every issue–one of the best genealogy education bargains around that comes directly to you. It contains no advertising.
  • I also maintain the following genealogy blogs (all are free):
      • Rootdig.comMichael’s thoughts, research problems, suggestions, and whatever else crosses his desk
      • Genealogy Tip of the Dayone genealogy research tip every day–short and to the point
      • Genealogy Search Tipwebsites I’ve discovered and the occasional online research tip–short and to the point
      • Casefile Clues–information on my genealogy how-to newsletter which focuses on analysis, interpretation, and methodology through case studies and document analysis.

Happy Transcribing!