He Can Administer the Estate


Who are the three men who signed this administrator’s bond in Harford County, Maryland, towards the end of the 18th century


7 thoughts on “He Can Administer the Estate

  1. Thomas Bond

    Enoch Williams

    Isaac Everoit

    This is a tough one – Issac seems to have been written by different people – the
    “E” is beautifully written but the rest of the last name is not so neat and precise. I also have my doubts about the dot – it could have been that he had to much ink on the pen and it is not a dot over the “i” or something happened and another person took over. I tried to make the name Everett which is a rather common name but I have never heard of an “Everoit” but I couldn’t make it look like Everett. I grew up learning to use a “scratch” pen and it is not easy – they all had very good penmanship except for that last part of Isaac’s surname.

  2. What do you suppose Thomas Bond of John means?
    “Thomas Bond” of John (associated with a guy named John)?
    Thomas “Bond of John” (some guy named Thomas who was serving as a bond for John)?
    Something else?

  3. Thomas Bond of John

    Enoch Williams

    Isaac Everatt

    the last one is a little difficult. I think what appears to be a “dot” is a drop of ink or something as the other “i” dot is not nearly that big.

    The “of John” is distinguishing that Thomas Bond as being the son of John–suggesting that there were other Thomas Bonds in the immediate area.

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