Wrong Answers are Fine!

Remember that part of this blog is seeing how the same name could be read differently by different people. That’s what makes some names difficult to find in indexes.

There’s never any judgment here for an incorrect answer. Never.  I don’t want anyone to feel embarrassed for an answer or feel they have to remove a wrong submission.

Those other interpretations are helpful for those of us who have names that are hard to find in indexes.

And usually the names are ones that are from my own research–which is why I usually know how to “read” them. That’s also why long-time readers know if it looks anywhere close to “Trautvetter” or “Tinsley” it’s probably “Trautvetter” or “Tinsley.” Although we do sometimes throw other names in just to mix things up.

And, as always, thanks for playing!


2 thoughts on “Wrong Answers are Fine!

  1. I volunteer at a Catholic diocese archives. I find it helpful to see more of the page. Is it possible to see more of each entry?

    • We can do that. For the signatures it won’t be possible as that’s the only writing by that person on the document (usually), but on others we can. I still have a quite a few scheduled already, but down the road we can add larger images.

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