Webinar Price Increase On 20 January

I’ve kept my webinar prices low since their inception several years ago, but various fees associated with hosting and distributing the presentations have forced me to raise the prices.

Effective 20 January 2016, the price of individual webinars will be $20 each at a minimum.

Prices for most presentations now are mostly in the $8 range. Orders are processed immediately–downloads are immediate. Once downloaded, you “have” the presentation to view whenever it is convenient. It’s just the order that has to take place before 8 am. on 20 January 2016.

There are more details on our webinar page.

Michael’s Weekly Blog Update


Roughly every week I send out a blog “update” summarizing postings to my blogs since the last issue went out.  This option works for readers who may find the daily update more than they need.

The latest issue of the blog update is posted on our site. The weekly blog update is available for a nominal subscription which helps us cover distribution costs.

Subscribers to “genealogy transcriber” who like to play along may wish to keep their daily subscription to that site. The daily subscriptions are free and can be managed on any of the specific blogs: